Public Session Times
All Children entering the building 
must pay admission.
Supervising parents may enter free.

Monday    11 am to 3 pm $5
                 Available For Private Parties

Tuesday   11 am to 3 pm $5
                  Available For Private Parties

Wednesday 11 am to 3 pm $5
                    6:30P-8:30P      $1 Admission - $1 Skate Rental
                    $1 Hot Dogs - $1 Small Drinks  $1 Nachos
           Everyone entering the building must pay admission.

Thursday  11 am to 3 pm $5
Available For Private Parties

Friday      11 am to 3 pm $5
                 7:00P-11:00P     $8 includes skate rental

Saturday12:00P -12:300P    $6 Adv. Skating Class
                 12:00P -12:30P      $6 Int. Skating Class 
                 1:00P - 1:30P         $6 Beg. Skating Class
                 1:30P- 10:00Pm     $8 Icludes skate rental

Sunday    1:30P-6:00P         $6 includes skate rental
                 6:30P or later        Available for Private Paties

Skating Schedule
Guests under the age of 18 must have skates on at all times.
No outside food or drinks allowed.
No refunds
Summer Season Passes are here for just $15
Don't forget to get yours today.