Public Session Times
All Children entering the building 
must pay admission.
Supervising parents may enter free.

Monday    Available For Private Parties

Tuesday   Available For Private Parties

Wednesday  6:30P-8:30P      $1 Admission - $1 Skate Rental
                   Dollar specials available in the snack bar
           Everyone entering the building must pay admission.

Thursday   Available For Private Parties

Friday       7-11:00P     $8 Admission $1 skate rental

Saturday12:00P -12:300P    $6 Adv. Skating Class
                 12:00P -12:30P      $6 Int. Skating Class 
                 1:00P - 1:30P         $6 Beg. Skating Class
                 1:30P- 10:00P        $8 Admission $1 skate rental

Sunday    1:30P-6:00P           $6 Admission $1 skate rental
                 6:30P or later         Available for Private Parties

Skating Schedule
Guests under the age of 18 must have skates on at all times.
No outside food or drinks allowed.
No refunds