Our best deal is the 3-month program which costs only $90.  With this you get a free pair of Riedell Wave Skates!  After each of your 12 lessons we welcome you to stay for our 1:30-6:00 Saturday sessions, free of charge.  Finally, we will provide you with a personalized skating club card to speed-up your check-in and help us track your progress and lessons received.

We offer a single lesson option.  Single lesson $6: which includes our 1:30-6:00 session!
After four weeks of lessons you should be ready to graduate from one class level to the next level.  During our monthly graduation ceremony students will receive their graduation certificates from one of our nationally recognized instructors.

Skating Lessons
2 Star Class (12:30-1:00)
Forward Skating Foot to Foot
Backwards Scissors
2 Foot Spin
Learn The Beginning Of A Push
Shoot The Duck
Bunny Hop
2 Foot Jump
Crossovers Straight Line
Crossovers Both Directions
3 Star Class (12:00-12:30)
Forward Skating 3 Beats Per Foot
3 Beat Foot to Foot Backwards Skating
2 Foot Spin For 3 Revolutions
3 Runs Cross In Both Directions
1/2 Mapes
Spread Eagle
Scooter Pushes Both Directions
1 Star Class (1:00-1:30)
T-Position Standing Still
 Falling Down & Getting Up
T-Stop Toe Stop
Red Light Green Light
Beginning Backwards Marching
Forward Scissors
Beginning Backwards Scissors
Cannon Ball
Hokey Pokey
Learn To Skate from a 
Two Time World Champion!